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Unparalleled Beauty of Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is an island full of splendor, raw beauty, culture, aloha, and ancient lore. Visiting the island of Kauai is like a journey back in time, back to the beginning of the main Hawaiian chain. It takes several days to absorb the diverse natural surroundings and beauty that takes on so many shapes, be it rain forests, arid black sand beaches, towering cliffs, and unpredictable seas that deeply blue and magnificent.

The Island of Kauai is often divided into six distinct areas, all offering a plethora of sights, sounds, culinary delights, and luxurious accommodations. East Kauai, often referred to as the Coconut Coast, is the coolest area on the island with average temperatures at 70F, and moderate rainfall of 45-60 inches. The southern side of Kauai’s is warm, dry, and generally arid averaging about 35-40 inches of rain a year. The average temperature is 78F, but don’t be surprised if temps get into the high 80’s or even 90’s in this region. Though far from the popular North Shore and scarcely populated, the South side has a lot to offer. The biggest attractions here are the perfect beaches around the Poipu area and Spouting Horn.

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Wonderful Resorts

The Poipu area stretches around Makahuena Point and is a popular tourist destination, filled with hotels, condos, resorts, shopping, and vacation rentals, and is the location for Marriott’s Waiohai Beach Club, and also to the east, Marriott’s Kauai Beach Club.

As on all the Hawaiian Islands, this region is typically known as the famous “North Shore.” The North Shore has a mild average temperature in the mid to low 70’s, but much of it receives a lot more rain – up to 120 inches a year in some places. One of the most popular resort areas is also located on the north shore of Kauai’s, Princeville. Princeville is a large and popular resort area overlooking the cliffs of Hanalei and Hanalei Bay with everything you could ever need to make the perfect vacation. The well-known Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas is located here. The locals call this area the “Beverly Hills” of Kauai, with very expensive shops, restaurants, and magnificent homes.


When it comes to scenic areas, Na Pali may very well be the top on the list here in Hawaii. Miles of rugged coastline more beautiful than anything imagined, it truly feels like another world. So whether you fly over it, hike it, or take a boat around the edges of it… Na Pali is something that must be experienced. Na Pali is the location of many movies such “Raiders of the Lost Ark”, the “Thorn Birds”, and “South Pacific”. It stretches all the way from the North Coast, ending at Polihale Beach bordering West Kauai. In the fall, waves can exceed 50 feet, contributing to the rugged terrain that is breathtaking.

The famous West Kauai region, because of Waimea Canyon, which Mark Twain called, “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” is indeed a beautiful sight to behold. A hikers dream, offering dozens of trails ranging from the most challenging to quite easy. You can hike down into Waimea Canyon (all the way to the Waimea River), hike behind Kalalau Valley in the Alakai Swamp (the world’s highest swamp), or head out on a trail to one of the back rims of a Na Pali valley.

The elevation of Northwest Kauai is significantly higher than that of all other Kauai regions and areas. While starting near sea level in Waimea town, highway 550 climbs to nearly 4,200 feet by the end of the highway at Pu’u o Kila overlook. Bring a jacket as it gets pretty chilly!

Kauai’s Beaches and Water Sports

Framed by warm turquoise waters, black sand, and swaying green palms there’s something about Kauai’s beaches that you won’t experience elsewhere. From sunbathing to surfing, snorkeling or scuba-diving amid the island’s gorgeous reefs, Kauai’s beaches and waters provide something for everyone! The popular beaches are on the south side because of the warmer, dry, climate, and west (by boat), and keep your eye out for the whales!

Outdoor Adventures, Golf, and Sightseeing in Kauai

Kauai’s stunning natural landscapes and rugged terrain draws travelers into returning year after year. Native Hawaiians and locals deeply value the concept of “malama aina,” or, to care for the land. Whether hiking the canyons or the mountain tops, by helicopter, plane, boat, or kayak, or even a horse, it is hard to believe that so many diverse sights can be seen on such a small island. And if you are in the mood for a picturesque golf experience, you have come to the right place.

Kauai Scenary

Dining in Kauai

Dining in Kauai is as varied as its number of things to do. Like most of the popular islands of Hawaii you’ll find restaurants that offer cuisine from all types of cultures. Of course, there’s an abundance of restaurants serving native Hawaiian cuisine; but you’ll also find Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Mediterranean, American, French, Italian, and much more. Many meals are served al-fresco, to be enjoyed alongside warm breezes and gently rolling waves.

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